Organization's aims and objectives

 Make People to living harmoniously in a civilized, equitable, self-reliant and prosperous society.
Improve livelihood and right of women, poor, vulnerable and marginalized people in the communities to create equitable, self-reliant and prosperous society through the development of knowledge, Skill and attitude of people via social cohesion, human right and proper use and management of natural resources.
Enhanced the knowledge and skill to the poor and marginalized people leading to improve livelihood situation through practicing social inclusion, respect of human rights and the maximum utilization of local resources for the prosperous society.


  1. To empower the community through social, economical, physical and educational development in the rural area.
  2. To improve livelihood by mobilizing the resource and means of local product, generating employment and development of skill.
  3. To strengthen community people for the protection and promotion of traditional culture through social mobilization along with the different physical development for the easy access of the community to the development i.e. water supply, bridges, roads and small hydropower.
  4. To encourage the local people for the sustainable environment conservation.
  5. To initiate the intervention relating   health and sanitation focused on public awareness for the safe and health life.
  6. To improve the farming system sustaining the food security of the rural people enhancing the knowledge and skill to them.
  7. To raise public awareness on the basic human rights coordinating with the concerned agency leading to protest violation of human rights and play the role of mediation
  8. To establish the norms of social inclusion in all level of development respecting cast, gender, ethnicity and disadvantaged community of the rural area.
  9. To improve educational status through access to education of the poor, disable and disadvantaged child labor and by supporting the rights of children.
  10. To reflect the reality of district through article by publishing magazine.